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Female Boxer's Diet

Boxers are large, sturdy dogs that were originally bred in Germany as hunting companions. They can stand as tall as 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh as much as 70 pounds. Boxers require diets that are designed for large, active dogs. Feeding a boxer an inadequate diet can affect its physical heal

Joint Medicine for Dogs

A dog suffers from arthritis in a similar way as a human. Arthritis is a broad term covering numerous reasons why a dog's joints get swollen and painful. For this reason, it is important to let a vet diagnose your dog to see what type of arthritis he has in order to give him the best joint medicine.

How to Get Rid of Frito Feet

Some puppies and dogs have an unpleasant odor that emanates from their paws. Some owners say this smell has a Frito-like smell. This odor is caused by bacteria or yeast that infects the dog's paws. It is easy for them to get this bacteria because it hides in the warm, moist areas and crevices. Altho

How to Monitor the Car Interior Temperature With a Dog in the Car

It's a myth that a dog's fur keeps the dog cool in the summer. Dogs overheat much more easily than humans and are not able to cool themselves as efficiently as a human. Monitoring a dog's comfort in the summertime is an important part of basic dog care. Dogs love a nice ride in the car but a hot car

Amazing Facts About Rubber Dog Booties

Rubber dog booties are perhaps the most practical kinds of boots that you can buy for your pet dog. Learn about the amazing Facts about Rubber Dog Booties.

The Many Types of Worms in Dogs and Their Symptoms

The hookworm will literally suck the life from your dog by way of its blood, some noticeable signs that your dog has them will be a loss of nutrients and anemia. This will happen quickly and it would be hard not to notice as your dog starts to look extremely unhealthy. You will see the insides of th

Getting Rid of Dog Behavior Problems Promotes a Healthier Lifestyle

It has been proven that owning a pet will lower blood pressure, get rid of feelings of depression and loneliness, as well as help with reducing stress. There is nothing out there that can top the love and companionship of having a dog. However, there are some dog behavior problems that can develop,

Diabetes in Dogs

Our pets are more like us then we think, not only are they loyal friends and companions to us humans, but also they are susceptible to some of the same ailments and diseases that their human masters suffer from, diabetes is one of them. In dogs, diabetes is life threatening if not detected in early

A Brief Look at Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Cushings disease in dogs, also known as hyperadrenocorticism, which results due to over secretion of a hormone called glucocorticoid by the adrenal gland. It is a complicated disease that can affect dogs at almost all ages, but mostly over nine years old.

How to Know When a Cow Is Getting Ready to Give Birth

Knowing when a cow is about to give birth, or "calving," is important for the well being of the cow and its calf. There are warning signs you should be mindful of that could indicate a pregnant cow is about ready to pop. It's always best to take precaution and prepare just in case you might have to

How to Train Your Dog with the Word No

One of the biggest challenges dog owners have with training a new dog is to train it to obey commands, including the word "no." The entire process is a matter of repetition and positive reinforcement for good behavior. But as part of the overall strategy, you need to know how to fix or stop bad beha

Wire Dog Crates - Have You Considered These Ideas?

Whether you have just brought home your first puppy or you are the proud owner of a mature dog a wire dog crate can be a problem solver. Dogs tend to keep their personal spaces clean and unless an accident occurs will not normally do their business in a crate. Many models have a divider which can be

5 Benefits To Feeding Your Dog Premium Dog Food

Find out about 5 ways your dog will benefit from eating premium dog food.Your dog will receive more vitamins, and a better overall nutrition, resulting in a healthier coat and a healthier disposition.

How to Train a Greyhound

A lot of Greyhounds are adopted after they are finished at race tracks around the country. Greyhounds are very sensitive dogs and do not need to be trained with harsh methods. Because of their racing backgrounds, some Greyhounds have a very difficult time doing the sit command. But in any case, by f

Dog Breeding Basics

Breeding dogs can be both a very exciting and fulfilling experience. Prospective breeders should be well informed about the entire process, from the selection of an appropriate mate to labor and right through to placing puppies in a good home.

How Does a Dog Groomer Spend a Workday?

Getting Started at the Groom ShopHas your dog ever spent a day at the doogie spa? Then a dog groomer has spent several hours with your pet making him beautiful, clean and well groomed for your enjoyment. But for the dog groomer, it's not always a day at the spa. Here is a look at a...

Shaping the Personality of Your Puppy

Everything in your puppy's world is brand new, and it is therefore vital for you to take note of this while you are training your puppy to become used to a wide range of places, people, sounds and animals. This article will provide you with some useful information as to what you can do to shape

All About The Yorkshire Terrier AKC Standard

Yorkshire Terriers became the second most popular purebred dog in America in 2006.They are tiny, silky-haired pointed eared dogs with yappy voices. Temperament is part of the Yorkshire Terrier breed standard.They are basically benevolent dictators, full of "self-importance". Yorkshire Terr