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Job affirmations - Guide and Examples

Sick of your job or maybe you want to turn your current one into a fulfilling abundant activity. It doesn't matter what the reason is, job affirmations can benefit you immensely to get where you want.

Life Is Not Fair - Get Over It!

Life is not fair... fact! Many people will focus on the perceived injustices in their life... but they would be better company, be happier and more successful if they focused on the positives in their life. Life IS what you make of it!

Successful Personal Growth During Stages Of Change

Overcoming resistance during stages of change is a learning curve for us all. This article will help you learn that resistance is normal and how to work with it rather than letting it defeat you. When we relapse during change, (which can include overcoming depression, addiction or a way of thinking)

Guilt Is a Useless Emotion

This article will help you to see guilt as useless and detrimental in our lives, that is is a man made ego based emotion. You will also find steps to release the guilt you carry and live free as a bird.

Coaching for Mums

Are you bored and lacking motivation or have you lost your confidence? If so, how would your life change if you had somebody to support you, encourage you and who will provide you with tools to turn your dreams into a reality?

How to Speak Boldly With Anyone

I find a number of people that they find it difficult to speak to anyone at any place the following can be some reasons Not feeling confident of themselves Fear of making a mistake Fear of others mood Not having the right content to speak But, the fact is nobody is ever interested what you speak and

What is Self-motivation

Self-motivation is key life ability and something that everybody involved in personal development should think watchfully about. Motivation pushes us to get our goals, feel more satisfied and improve

Scapegoating Challenges Within The Family Setting

Acting out may consequently make them the target of scapegoating. The other children in the family may become aware of certain challenges or tensions in the family but may be in denial of their existence and inadvertently displace this awareness or problem onto the sibling that is acting out on what

Busting Some Myths About Anger Management

Anger is useful information about how we are relating to another's communications. It is also energy that we can use to mobilize ourselves. Anger for some of us is a cause for alarm as we have apprehensions about either losing control of ourselves and/or being wounded by others who might feel a

Earn Life Live Extra

How a spam email helped and saved an old friend, I've reconnected two years ago. Mang Ambo, troubled so much living with his children who now have their own families. He felt to be a burden to them after retiring from his work at the University where we both first acquainted with. He was then l

Are You a Self-Saboteur?

Take this questionnaire to get clear on what you may be doing to undermine your own success and happiness in life. An explanation of your score awaits at the end. 1. When someone offers help you usua...

Journey to Empowerment

THE JOURNEY OF EMPOWERMENT- Understanding Your Purpose And Fulfilling It. By Linda Drake As a Spirit chosen life path healer I work with Spirit and Abraham, as well as the Masters. Abraham is a group ...

Spotlight Illusion

Have you experienced having a spotlight illusion? In a discussion in one, of the online sites, one person opened up a discussion as stated below.

Lesson From The Eagles

The eagle is an aerodynamic marvel, a perfect flying machine, Which can soar higher than practically any bird alive. Airline pilots have intercepted raptors at over 25 000 feet- five miles above the surface of the earth; Sometimes they fly so high that ice forms on their wings. An eagle can dive at