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How To Bed A Woman Successfully With These Killer 4 Steps

Every man wants to give his partner maximum pleasure during lovemaking but the usual question will be always how can one do it? There are tons of techniques that you can use to lead a woman on. However, to entice a woman to go into bed with you is not that hard after all if you just know what exact

Sex and Evolution: Relationship Advice for Men

A woman says she wants a man who listens to her. She says she wants a man with a sense of humor. But she dates a man who dominates the conversation. She dates the guy with money. There lies the problem. If you only listen to what a woman says she wants, you will fail every time. Here's why.

How to Jump With the Classic Controller in "Ocarina of Time"

The Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console feature allows you to download and play previously released games from the Wii Shop, including "The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time," released on the Nintendo 64 in 1998. The only difference between the Nintendo 64 original and the Wii's Virtual Cons

The Art of Speed Dating Revealed

There are a number of people that use speed dating as a way to try to meet new people in hopes of finding someone that they are romantically compatible with. With everything from speed dating parties to websites, and of course the traditional organized events, there are plenty of opportunities out t

Helpful Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Approaching a woman that you like can be quite difficult and you may find yourself blushing or stuttering in certain situation. You can learn how to strike a great conversation with a beautiful woman

Top 5 Reasons She Will Say No

When it comes to what women want in dating, men highly overrate and over-think this. As savvy and gifted as they are, women want the same things that men want. They simply want someone who is real, communicates well and has a solid sense of direction in life. If you are struggling in some of these a

How to Get a Guy to Notice You With a Few Good Tips

If you find yourself trying to figure out how to get a guy to notice you, you're not alone. Whether we're going through it now or at some other time we've all found ourselves in that position. Dating can be confusing sometimes especially when it comes to making the first move.