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4 Points to Consider When Looking For a Digital Camera

So you are going to buy a digital camera. Great decision! I think the biggest caveat for digital photography is the fact that you see the results of your work right away. Let's examine 4 parameters related to buying a digital camera to hopefully help you make the best decision as to which camer

Sony SLT-A35 Digital SRL Camera - A Beginner's Camera

The Sony SLT-A35 was rated one of 2012's best entry level Digital SLR cameras. This camera is one of Sony's Single Lens Translucent (SLT) designs. This lens transmits 66.66% of the light to the CMOS sensor and 33.33 per cent of it to a tiny electronic display built into the camera's r

Digital Radio Theory

Radio waves are electrical energy sent between places without the need for wires. A transmitter sends a signal of radio waves through the air to a receiver, which picks up the message. If the receiver is the aerial on a radio, the signal is then decoded and reproduced in the form of sound. In recent

Photography - A Career and Hobby

In an era where myriad career options are sprouting up, Photography has been garnering huge amount of interest these days. Photography is a way of self expression, a medium through which a person can communicate ...

How To Take Family Portraits Outdoors

Learn why taking family portraits outside is the best way to get professional quality portraits. In this article you'll learn about the best time of day to take portraits outside and tips for

6 Digital Photography Tips For Better Composition and Framing

You can have the best camera and the best lighting, but if you don't practice your composition and learn how to frame your shots, you pictures will be just average. It all starts with a vision and learning how to put a picture together in the cameras viewfinder.

Canon Rebel T1i and Rebel XSi Comparison

With the recently announced Canon Digital Rebel T1i becoming available in April 2009, many prospective Digital SLR buyers are finding it difficult to decide between the two cameras. The T1i definitely packs more punch, but it comes at a price, so the question is: "Is it worth it?".

Exposure Compensation For Exceptional Jewelry Photography

Through the ages, gold has been the standard for jewelry and the love affair will never end. Yellow gold has been the favorite for wedding bands, watchbands, earrings, and just about any other fashion accessory you might name. Although everyone knows what gold looks like, it is still necessary to pr

Imperfect Figure for Perfect Advertising Photography

Advertising photography, unlike other offshoots of photography, is simply not about beautiful pictures or about capturing beauty in your camera, in the traditional way. In this article, we are going to look at what figure works best for models and how can you use it to give that much required natura

Encase a Series of Portraits of the Recipient Into the Picture Frames

Silver picture frames have majestic appeal but they are not the exclusive models. Any picture frame can be converted into a unique item by encasing a portrait of the recipient into it. The gift will stand apart from the others on strength of the personalized signature style. Such item is a precious

Show Off Your Creativity With the Black and White Digital Photography

Black-and-white photography is the construction of neutral imagery by means of pictorial practices. Throughout the utilization of a usual movie camera or digital photographic equipment, the artiste rendering an icon media, for instance, film or a digital image antenna, towards brightness. The bright

Fun Things Women Can Do

Women are burdened with many of the same modern day challenges as men, on top of the hardships they face on their own. Women need safe ways to break out of a rut and enjoy their lives. There are many exciting activities women can participate with or without friends in order to lead more balanced and

Choosing the Appropriate Wedding Videographer

One thing which is perfect blend of art and skill is wedding videography. Wedding videography is an essential component of a wedding seeing that it is meant to arrest the feelings & passions of your ...

High End Destination Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is a concoction of an interesting profession and a highly creative venture that takes into account preserving the unforgettable moments of the golden times of an individual's life. Wedding photography services would include the entire array from wedding announcement, engagem