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Does Removing the Authorized User on a Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

When you authorize a user on your credit card account, you are giving that person permission to use the account as if it were his own. However, unlike a co-borrower or joint account holder, the authorized user has no legal responsibility to the credit card account. This means that if the authorized

Who Can Open an IRA Acccount?

There are two basic types of individual retirement accounts: traditional and Roth. The major difference between a traditional IRA and a Roth IRA is taxes. Contributions to traditional IRAs may be deducted when filing your income tax return and interest earned is taxed at the time of withdrawal. You

How to Buy CDs From ING

From checking to investing, many people enjoy the convenience of online banking. ING Bank offers its services only online, by phone or mail---with no "bricks and mortar" locations. The bank offers traditional banking products, such as CDs, which have long been a popular savings vehicle for conservat

How to Reduce Household Bills

Difficult economic times mean every dollar has to go further. People have to find ways to do more with less money. Reducing bills is one way to use your money efficiently while maintaining a solid quality of life. Many ways to save money involve only a few minor changes of habit. They are easy to ad

Welfare Benefits & Income Requirements in the State of Florida

Florida offers welfare assistance to qualifying low-income families through the federally funded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. With the plan, the federal government provides block grants to all states including Florida. The Florida Department of Families and Children disperses mon

Who Should Not Convert an IRA to a Roth?

The Internal Revenue Service no longer caps the amount of income you can have and still convert money from a tax-deferred Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. When you convert to a Roth IRA, you have to pay taxes on the conversion, but your qualified distributions are not taxable. However, just because yo

Tips for Forensic Accounting in Separation

Forensic accountants are responsible for analyzing and explaining financial information as part of an investigation or legal case. During a separation before a divorce, forensic accountants detail each party's financial information and report it to the legal team handling the case. Forensic accounta

Innovative Green Ideas

The need to adopt a proactive approach to environmental issues could ultimately be the key to preserving our planet for future generations. Legislation has made certain aspects of green living compulsory, particularly in industry. However, there are many things individuals can do to adopt a greener

Cheapest Places to Live on Social Security

When deciding where the very best place to live on Social Security would be, perhaps the biggest consideration is what you'll pay for rent or a mortgage. However, in addition to housing expenses, you'll need to take into consideration grocery, transportation and entertainment costs. Many studies hav

Scholarships to Enter Catholic High Schools in New York

According to the Inner City Scholarship Fund, which works closely with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, 60 percent of the students enrolled in many of its inner-city schools are from families living below the poverty line. In the state of New York, several scholarship funds have been set

Define Interest Bearing Account

An interest bearing account is an account at a bank or credit union that earns interest over a specified amount of time. The interest is paid to the account based on the account balance. Some banks have specified rules including an account balance requirement as to when they will pay interest to the

Differences Between Tier 1 & Extended Unemployment

In the context of state unemployment benefits, Tier 1 and Extended Benefits are different programs that expand recipients' eligibility period. Both kick in during times of high unemployment, when jobless workers likely need benefits for a longer duration because of the difficulty of finding work. Ti

Earning Limits for Taxes When Filing As Single

The IRS sets income limits to determine whether or not you must file a tax return. If your earnings exceed the limit that applies to you, you are required to file. You may want to file even if your income is below the earnings limit. For example, if you have some earned income, you may be eligible f

Grants for Senior Citizens to Get Advanced Degrees

Senior citizens who wish to obtain an advanced degree may find going back to college a cost-effective investment. Colleges and universities typically offer reduced tuition rates to senior citizens, who may also apply for government aid. Speak to the financial aid officer at your college to determine

First-Time Home Buyers' Programs For Teachers

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development created the Good Neighbor Next Door, or GNND, program to help teaching professionals attain home ownership. HUD's goal is to revitalize distressed communities by providing incentives for not only teachers, but also law enforcement officers, fir

Do CD's Affect a Credit Score?

The process of applying for a CD includes the bank inquiring for a copy of the applicant's credit report from a credit bureau. The impact of the inquiry on credit score will vary from person to person depending on credit history. On average, a credit inquiry will cause a FICO score to drop by less t

Information on SSI Benefits for Children

Your disabled child may qualify for Supplemental Security Income at birth. Social Security administers this federal program for the disabled. SSI benefits do not accrue with work credits like Social Security, but are need-based. Eligibility for a child requires a qualifying disability along with low