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Prairie Grass Seed & Spring Planting

Native prairie plants, grasses and wildflowers are becoming popular again. They are self-sustaining, beautiful, attract birds and butterflies and are better for the environment than the grasses found on most manicured lawns. When European settlers first crossed the United States, they saw hundreds o

Sun-Tolerant Tropical Plants

Tropical plants live in warm, humid climates where winter temperatures seldom drop below summer averages. The tropical rain forest consists of an overall canopy of trees and understories of plants that compete for the light that trees don't absorb. Although outdoor use of sun-loving tropical plants

How to Remove Coconuts From Trees

Coconuts are available in the produce department of most grocery stores, but the juiciest, tastiest coconuts are found at the tops of trees. When a coconut is detached from the tree for any length of time, it starts to dry out. Coconuts on the tree contain sweet, nutritious water, and cracking one o

How to Germinate Dark Blue Delphinium Seeds

A spike of delphinium flowers adds height and beauty to your perennial garden. Also known as larkspur, delphinium begins blooming at the end of spring and continue the show throughout the summer. Although you can find delphinium in whites and pinks, the most striking are the deep blue cultivars, inc

How to Save & Isolate Heirloom Bean Seeds

Heirloom vegetables are vegetables that reach back to before hybridization and commercial growing. Tomatoes and beans are some of the most popular heirloom vegetables. Heirlooms are usually more tender, tastier and often more colorful than commercial vegetables. If you grow heirloom beans, there's a

Major Reasons Why Plants Need Water

Water makes up 80 to 90 percent of a plant's growing tissues. Some plants store water and use it throughout the dry seasons, but other plants need water regularly. Without water, plants would die. Plants transpire, similar to how humans perspire. A plant low on water will begin to wilt, because the

How to Grow a Star Magnolia From Cuttings

Star magnolia, or Magnolia stellata, originates along the southern coastal areas of Honshu, Japan, and is widely cultivated as an ornamental shrub in many areas. Star magnolia displays a branching, open growth habit and grows to a maximum of 20 feet tall, with abundant leathery foliage and a late-wi

How to Grow Healthy Vegetables

Growing a healthy vegetable garden starts before you even purchase your seeds or seedlings. The soil, amount of sunlight and moisture in the garden bed are some of the most important elements to successful vegetable gardening. Planting at the right time is equally important. Seed envelopes and plant

Which Pumpkin Seeds Grow Big Pumpkins?

Grow a large pumpkin from seed.Big Pumpkin image by DanielDupuis from Fotolia.comWhile pumpkin seeds themselves are tiny, they can produce pumpkins that weigh several hundred pounds. These whoppers can be used to impress neighbors at the county fair, make enormous Jack-o-Lanterns at...

What Makes Grapevines Bare?

Grapevines (Vitis spp.) grow naturally in temperate regions around the world and naturally lose their leaves for an annual dormancy, typically in winter. Other factors can cause leaf or fruit drop to make barren grape plants, too.

Cosmos Plants

Cosmos are tall, brightly colored flowers that do well in hot, dry climates. They are tough flowers that survive drought well, and they serve as excellent plants to grow around a garden border or in clumps in large planters. Cosmos come in a wide variety of colors, and you can plant one color to giv

Yellow Indoor Flowering Plants

Bring the sunshine indoors by selecting and clustering flowering houseplants in a variety of yellows-from creamy off-whites to the rich near-orange of a fresh egg yolk. Fortunately, many flowering houseplants that feature yellow blooms are also readily available from commercial growers...

Signs of House Plant Insects

Many insects that infest house plants are so tiny that they are difficult to see, but their signs and symptoms are easy to spot. Infested house plants decline in health, with spotted, yellowing, curling or drooping leaves. They may fail to grow and become susceptible to diseases. Identify the insect

The Evergreen Vine That Flowers

Most vines lose their leaves at the end of the growing season, but a few are green all year long. Evergreen vines make good screening for an unsightly view or can create privacy for a deck or patio. They can be woven through chain-link fencing to create a green screen or allowed to scramble up a tre

Can I Put Sawdust Around My Strawberry Plants?

Strawberries are one of the few well-known fruits that grow on low-growing plants rather than towering trees. They also put out their own runners for propagation. A single strawberry plant can self-propagate and survive for many years with the right care, which should include plenty of moisture and

Flavored Olive Oil Gifts

Homemade flavored olive oil is a cheap and thoughtful gift.olive oil image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comMaking your own herb-infused olive oil is an inexpensive way to please friends at Christmas and birthdays. Although you can buy flavored olive oil in many stores, it is often...

How to Plant Turnip Greens

Few people list the humble turnip roots among their favorite vegetables, but the nutritious greens are tasty whether cooked or harvested young as baby salad greens. When growing turnips only for the greens, choose varieties such as Alamo, Seven Top, Shogoin, Topper and All Top that are bred to produ

What Is Tip Pruning?

There are many methods of pruning plants, and each produces different results. Whether you want to decrease the size of your tree or want more blooms on your shrub, tip pruning is an easy method to get fast results.

How to Root a Clipping From a Geranium Plant

Geraniums are among the most easy-going and forgiving of flowering plants when it comes to care and maintenance. Their ease-of-care even extends into the reproductive department, where they lend themselves readily to propagation by clippings or cuttings. The technique is so simple, and the plants ar

How to Plant Seeds From Asiatic Lilies

While Asiatic lilies are most commonly grown from bulbs, but new lily plants can be propagated from seed. Growing lilies from seed is not for the novice gardener; the project requires patience and regular care. Four years after starting the seeds, you will have a viable Asiatic lily plant that bears