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How to Build an Easy Tree Seat

Building a bench around any garden or landscape is common for those wanting to spruce up property. One of the most neglected seating options is around trees. Iron or plastic benches are nice, but a tree provides a natural area for seating while complementing your landscape. With just a few simple st

Pond Algae Solutions For Your Backyard Pond

Pond algae is one of those things that comes around every spring for many pond owners.Dealing with it correctly is important to safeguard your fish and desired plants.Learn the best ways to keep your pond clean and clear.

How to Patch a Pool Leak

Swimming pools require regular maintenance to make the water safe for swimming. As a pool ages, cracks may form, causing leaks. When this occurs, outside water from the water table seeps into the treated pool water, contaminating it with minerals and run-offs such as herbicides, fungicides, and fert

How to Clean the Carburetor on a 6.5 Toro Lawnmower

When your 6.5 horsepower Toro lawn mower isn't starting or is dying right after you get it started, then there is a good chance that the engine isn't getting fuel. Over time gas can gum up in the carburetor on the Toro lawn mower and prevent gas from being injected into the piston. You can save your

What to Do With Old Lawn Mowers

Deciding what to do with an old lawn mower will depend to some extent on the age, condition, manufacturer and model of the mower. Some classic, limited-production and antique mowers are highly collectible, while others no longer in working order are often sought after by small engine repair shops fo

Low Profile Landscaping Plants

Low profile garden plants offer benefits their taller relatives can't equal. Easy -- or no -- pruning is par for the course with these smaller cultivars. Mass large numbers of a single, low-profile species for a quick, large-space ground cover. Use slow-growing varieties as foundation plants for sma

How to Move a Cemented Post

Wood fence posts often have cement around them to keep them secured upright in the ground. If you need to remove a cemented post, you must get it out of the ground first. The process of freeing a cemented post is not one that requires finesse; it requires a manual labor and possibly the help of a fr

Electric Dog Fence With No Digging

Conventional electric dog fences use a shock collar triggered by radio frequency energy from a buried cable to discourage the dog from crossing the boundaries of the yard. A similar system using a mounted radio frequency transmitter can also serve a similar purpose without digging to bury the cable.

How to Landscape With Golf Plants

According to Cornell University, variety is the name of the game when landscaping golf courses. By using varying foliage textures and plant heights throughout the golf course, you can create a visually interesting landscape. Using attractive plants is not enough. The course should not be hindered by

How to Decorate a Courtyard Patio

A courtyard patio extends your living space into the outdoors and provides a central feature to view from rooms that face the courtyard. Creating a harmonious atmosphere enhances your home inside and out. One challenge with decorating a courtyard patio comes from the need to avoid crowding. Because

How to Remove the Muffler of a Murray Select Briggs & Stratton

The muffler on your Murray Select push lawn mower's engine functions just like any other muffler; it reduces the noise of the exhaust coming from the engine. It is usually located near the cylinder head of your lawn mower's engine. When the engine starts to make more noise than usual, the muffler is

Ways to Grow Vegetables in Eco-Friendly Backyard Gardens

We all know how much hard work there is in growing vegetables - digging, weeding, crop rotation, watering, fertilizing, planting winter crops, resting beds, spraying pests and weeds - the list goes on and on. ...

What to Look for in Tree Removal Service Providers

Tree removal services offer a plethora of service including tree pruning, tree trimming, lambing etc. As this job is somewhat technical, it involves huge responsibility on the part of the service providers and thus it should be professionally done. This service is frequently required, especially whe

How to Grow Euphorbia Pulcherrima

Euphorbia pulcherrima is the botanical name for the well-known holiday poinsettia. With its Christmas colors of red and green, the poinsettia is a holiday decorating staple. The actual flowers of poinsettia are small and yellow, surrounded by bright red bracts, which are modified leaves that attract

How to Make a Cloth Hammock

Cloth hammocks are almost the same as their woven cousins, but are designed to be laid in diagonally, rather than lengthwise. They also have the bonus of being snug in winter, so curled up with a duvet and a good book in the cooler months, or lounging in a swimsuit with an iced drink in the summer m

How to Repair an Artificial Flagstone Walkway With a Crack in the Cement

A walkway made from artificial flagstone and cement can last for many years. Repairing cracks in the concrete improves the look of the walkway, prevents further damage from water intrusion and removes a potential trip hazard. Once the crack is repaired, sealing the surface and hosing off sand after

How to Figure the Drip Line of a Tree

Knowing the drip line of a tree is important for three tasks in tree maintenance for every homeowner: mulching, fertilizing and watering. The approximate root zone where mulch is laid, fertilizer is applied and water is sprinkled is determined by the drip line of the widest part of the tree canopy.

Making an Environmentally Friendly Lawn

Lawns are a huge source of waste. There are all sorts of petroleum based products and emissions that come from the goal of a nice green lawn that most people desire. There are many changes ...

Your Garden Is Your Canvas

There is no science behind designing your garden. But yes there are certain logical ways to about designing your garden and give it a fantastic look. In San Francisco, garden design is a craze amongst ...

How to Put a Toilet Bowl Tank Into the Toilet Base

Most standard toilets consist of two pieces: the toilet tank and the bowl base to which the toilet tank attaches. The tank attaches to the bowl base with two long bolts that are inserted through the tank and then into the base. Since the tank and the bowl base are made of ceramic, great care must be