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Craft Supplies Statement - Ribbon Craft Projects Considered

Whether you are making an award ribbon for a nonprofit group, or making ribbons as a statement of your support for the troops, or a certain special gift, no craft person should be without colorful ribbon material of various types. It is amazing the variety these days at the art and craft stores, but

Kids Cookery Gifts

Our precious little ones fell in love with cooking easily, because it is an adult activity, which results are visible and fast and playing with food is great fun, isn't it. Encouraging them is not a hard- to-do task. There are some amazing Kids Cookery Gifts, which draw happiness on kids faces

Embroidery Advice - Before You Digitize

I own a website extolling the virtues of embroidery and know a lot of people that use an embroidery machine. I also know that, without exception, they love to embroider. Some even say that it seems that embroidery has taken over their lives as they spend so much time in front of their machine. Does

Farmhouse Renovation Project in the South of France

A story of how one couple moved to France lock, stock and barrell to renovate their dream property in France You have just bought your gorgeous old farmhouse in the south of France and all ...

Never Lose That Important Piece of Paper Ever Again

There's nothing as embarrassing as turning up for that very important meeting, only to discover that you have lost the paperwork which could help you seal that next business deal. It's definitely not the way to make a good impression to your employer.

Collecting Celebrity Memorabilia From Television

Ever since it became a common place item in every household, television shows have been a regular part of the general public life. We all have favorite television shows and we all generally make an effort to follow those shows as closely as we can. For some of us, those shows move past something whi

Beekeeping in the City - What Should You Do?

Can people do beekeeping in the city? Yes, it is possible to keep bees in the city, providing that the law in your vicinity allows doing so. However, as we can guess, the environment of an urban area is different from the wild environment where bees could be found.

Number 1 Grandma Design Tag

Print out and make this free gift or scrapbook tag featuring a hand holding up one finger.

Noise Shaker

This craft is featured in chapter 13 of the About.com Guide to Family Crafts book.

The Types of Feet on Antique Furniture

The U.S. International Trade Commission describes furniture more than 100 years old as antique. Many styles of furniture have been popular down the years, from Elizabethan Gothic to Edwardian Art Nouveau, and furniture items such as chairs and tables have been created with different...

How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb

Create beautiful and elegant terrariums that will help your friends get closer to nature all year long! Let's get started! We're going to go through the steps to create your very own little terrarium. Dos ...

Neck-Amphora 2

Ancient Greek pottery neck-amphora now residing at the British Museum in London.