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What Fish Oil Is Pure & Healthy?

Fish oil is an excellent supplement because it contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These essential fatty acids reduce inflammation, improve fat burning and help prevent many diseases. Here are some pure and healthy sources.

How to Naturally Treat a Cough

Everyone will suffer from a cold or virus now and then, and a cough is a common symptom for both. Luckily there's lots of simple ways to help naturally treat a cough.

What Is Compounded Natural Progesterone?

When a patient's progesterone levels are low enough to threaten her body's hormonal balance with estrogen, a physician may write a prescription for natural progesterone to be filled at a compounding pharmacy.

How to Lose Calories Fast

Your body is a calorie-burning machine. Everything you do requires energy, and the way your body gets energy is by burning calories. Your everyday body functions--including digestion, heartbeat and breathing--account for most of your calorie use, but if you're looking to burn calories quickly. it's