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How to Find Baby Wraps

Wearing your baby in a wrap can aid in the cognitive, emotional and motor development in the early years. Having the baby close by provides her with comfort and protection, along with making it easier for mothers to nurse discreetly within the wrap if the baby becomes hungry. Baby wearing also frees

Breast-Feeding Your Newborn and an Older Child-Topic Overview

Breast-feeding more than one child is called tandem breast-feeding. If you continue to feed your older child along with your newborn,keep in mind that the youngest child's feeding is the highest priority. Some general feeding guidelines can help ensure that your newborn is properly nourished: Fe

Buying Baby Strollers

Nowadays baby strollers have become useful equipment for many parents. Parents spend a lot of time to look for the best baby strollers. But this has become a very difficult task with all the company that are claiming that their strollers are the best in the market. Parents will have to become famili

To create an environment-friendly home for children

The environment that surrounds your family matters, especially for a child. A green family that is harmonious family considers lifestyle, contributing to children to grow and thrive. There are some st

Bad Marriages Take a Toll on Kids

Kids earn better grades in school when they live with both biological parents — unless mom and dad fuss and fight a lot.

Youth Violence Caused by Gangs

Youth violence and gangs go hand in hand. The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles (VPC) indicates gang members are more likely to engage in violent activities such as drive-by shootings and homicides than non-gang members. They report the cause of this violence is usually over somet


Meaning and origin of the name Madeline.

Educating India the Right Way

India might be shining as elections are considered as of now or it might be Incredible India as the advertising motto for Department of Tourism goes. But it's neither incredible nor shining when it comes ...

How to Handle a Disappointment in Life With the Help of God

Children experience disappointments early in life. From the first time they don't get their way, fail a test in school or face betrayal from friends, children have to cope with the fact that life isn't always fair. If you are a Christian parent, you can use these times in your child's life to teach

6 Lessons You Need To Teach Your Children About Life

We parents are always wanting to teach our kids life lessons. We can keep ourselves up at night worrying if we are teaching them the necessary skills needed to thrive in the world they will live in as an adult. I have 6 lessons I am passionate about teaching kids NOW.

Newborn Screening Up Since 2005

It's becoming more common for U.S. babies to be offered most recommended newborn screening tests, but there's still room for improvement, says the March of Dimes.

Children's Bunk Beds - Tips On Buying

There are very many different types of bunk beds for children. These vary in price depending on various factors such as quality, the design, durability and so on. The economy models are the least expensive that one will come across.

101 Reasons to Avoid Ritalin Like the Plague

The author of "Transforming the Difficult Child" gives his reasons why Ritalin is a dangerous drug, ADHD a dangerous diagnosis, and his "Nurtured Heart" approach is preferable to both.

Kids and Popularity

There is intense pressure on children to be popular at school or among friends. And yet popularity seems to evade many children, youth and teens. How can a father help his children see popularity in its true light and help them cope in a world where popularity seems so important?

10 Adorable Theme's For Your Baby's Room

Learn about the top 10 adorable themes for your baby's room. Decorating your baby's nursery is difficult if you don't know what nursery theme to use. Consider choosing a baby room idea that will grow with baby and one that gives you many decorating possibilities.

How to Decide What to Include In a Diaper Bag

With a little planning, you can avoid the stress of rushing to get your diaper bag packed before getting out the door with your baby. Keep your diaper bag organized so you will be ready to go. You've got enough to carry, so don't over-pack. Enjoy outings with your baby rather than stressing about y