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Indian Matrimonials

Indian Matrimonials is a space that allows individuals to create bonds for life. It is the company's responsibility to match your requirements and suggest you a match accordingly. This involves numerous enquiries and doubts which ...

What Happens to Your Marriage After an Emotional Affair

After an emotional affair, can you save your marriage? Of course you can, if you still love and respect your spouse and are committed to the marriage then why not spend the time saving your marriage.

How Vacations Can Help Save Your Marriage

Asking yourself "what was the best vacation you've taken" may be a good idea, if you have taken one. If you are yet to take one or still planning to take one, you may find the question embarrassing. There is no need to feel embarrassed, since the mere fact that you have plans for a va

Save a Marriage - What Attitudes Can Save a Marriage

Attitudes determine actions and words and thus determine whether a marriage succeeds or not.In my many years of counseling couples in troubled marriages, I have found that certain attitudes are fundamentally required to save a marriage.What are they?This article gives you the answers.

How Will He Fall in Love With You?

So you've found your dream guy-but how will he fall in love with you? Do you have to linger around so he'd take notice? Or do you have to keep your distance so you'd be missed?

Get Him to Love You - Easy Tips to True Love

Are you trying to get him to love you? Does it seem like a hopeless endeavor and you're ready to give up? Have you been through too many failed relationships and you don't know what to try anymore?

Separation Can Actually Be Good For a Marriage

You don't believe it given the current situation you're in. You and your spouse just don't get along anymore. You two bicker and fight over every small thing and you feel that there's never going to be any resolution or peace.

Things Women Really Love From Their Men

Relations are a series of great times and painful times. The central is in devising the great times especial and short. Performing this makes the awful times progressively uncommon, shorter every time, and assists to ...

When You Are Certain You Do Want to Save Your Marriage

Are you sure you want to save your marriage? You have to be sure you do before embarking on a long road to rebuilding your relationship. So if you don't see yourself with your partner five years from now, now is the time to get divorced. If you are sure that your marriage is worth saving, you c

How Prayer Can Change a Marriage For the Best

This article discusses the power that prayer has when you need to change your marriage for the best.By reading this article, you can find out how praying together will ultimately strengthen your marriage and make things better for you and your spouse.

Signs of Marriage in Trouble - Three Warning Pointers

Most marriages come under pressure at some point and there are three common signs of a marriage in trouble. If one or more of these signs are present the relationship can soon deteriorate. It only needs one of the spouses to spot a marriage in trouble and the marriage can be saved.

How to Decide What to Do for the Holidays

Handling the holidays -- which side of the family to visit and when -- can be a difficult task for newlyweds. Knowing your options can save everyone from hurt feelings -- and make for a happier holiday season.

Why Men Lie to Women They Love

Staring at someone who you think is the man of your dreams, and wondered ever what he really wanted from you? Do you ever wonder what he really thinks about, and what he really desires ...

How Do I Get My Ex Wife Back and How Long Will it Take?

Couples go through a lot of problems together. When the problems become too much for both parties to bear, one of the parties will then try to consult with divorce attorneys. As unfortunate as this sounds, it does happen in some troubled marriages. They say that you never really realize the value of