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Dell 5100cn Printer Review

Even though Dell are relative new comers to the printer market, they have put their ability to read their customers needs to good use and have designed a significantly superior printing machine in the form ...

Computer Hardware and Simulation Gaming for Aviation Safety Considered

Modern day computer hardware is getting quite robust, and there is about 10 times the computing power in a smart phone as was used to fly the first Space Shuttle, maybe more. Still, when it comes to operating today's aircraft simulators the computer hardware is intense, and these simulators can

How to Make a Shortcut for the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin is typically located on the desktop and is used to store files that have been deleted. If you want to have the Recycle Bin accessible from another location, you can create a shortcut and place it in a folder. This allows you to quickly move items in the folder to or from the Recycle

How to Refill a LC51Y Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges run out of ink over time. When this happens, there are two ways of handling the problem: replace the ink cartridge or refill the empty cartridge. Although replacing the cartridge is the easiest method, refilling the cartridge is cheaper. Here is a guide to refilling a Brother LC-51Y i

Sony Ltx400gww:offers Amazing Features And Reliability In | Lto 3 Tapes

Sony LTX400GWW is an LTO-3 Ultrium tape cartridge. The LTX400GWW LTO-3 tape has a 400 GB native and 800 GB compressed capacity for data storage. Transfer rates for the LTX400GWW are 80 MB/s native and 160 MB compressed. The Sony LTX400GWW isone of the first tapes in which the A3MP (Advanced Alloy Ar

Calendar Software for Professionals

Calendar software is used to organize and schedule upcoming activities, appointments and events for both business and home use. Professional calendar software is available with varied features and prices.

How to Check the Polarity of a -48 Vdc Power Supply

Computers and communications equipment commonly use a -48 volt DC (direct current) power supply, and polarity is important. Digital multimeters and oscilloscopes are the most common means of determining a power supply's polarity. Oscilloscopes are expensive tools usually not found in the average wor

How to Enable Speakers on iPod Touch

Although the iPod Touch allows you to listen to music and videos using headphones or third-party devices such as surround systems with a supported dock, having a backup sound output option may come in handy if you don't have any of these devices. The 4th generation iPod Touch includes built-in speak

How to Use a Time Zone Map Worksheet

If you are a teacher or parent who is trying to teach your students or children how to read time in different time zones, you may find a time zone map worksheet helpful in your lessons. A time zone map worksheet combines a map of time zones with a worksheet that your student or child can use to prac

What Is a NAS Device and Why Use It?

Home networks now require large amount of disk space and they needed that information to be safe and secure from any disaster that might occur. Therefore a NAS device can help you store and keep your data safe.

How to Add RAM to a Toshiba Portege M700

One of the easiest ways to increase the performance of your computer is with a memory upgrade. Your Toshiba Portege M700 tablet PC's random access memory (RAM) allows Windows and other programs to write and read essential data quickly, instead of saving it to the hard drive. The more RAM your comput

Latitude X1 Specs

The Latitude X1 is the lightest notebook in the Dell range, weighing in at 2.2 pounds. While the Dell line of laptops used to be dominated by chunky systems, the X1 has crammed what makes it tick into a much thinner case. Dell teamed up with Samsung to make this model. The X1 is actually...

How to Clean & Install Vista Only With OEM Recovery Disks

Cleaning your current Vista installation is a good idea from time to time, as system errors and other problems can result in operating system files that are invalid or corrupt. This can be accomplished using nothing more than your OEM Vista Recovery disks, as all of the operating system files you re

Remote Computer Repair, Fast And Reliable Services To Fix Pc Issues

Computer and internet is now a household word. And when it comes to troubleshoot PC issues, remote computer repair is perhaps the best solution. There are a number of computer tech support providers that offer remote support to resolve all your PC woes.

How to Use a Belkin Transfer Cable

When a new Windows 7 computer is purchased, it includes built-in software to transfer files and settings from a different computer. The other computer can be running either Windows XP, Vista or 7, and it can be either 32-bit or 64-bit. The only caveat is that a 32-bit copy of Windows can only be tra

How to Wipe Out a Hard Drive With Electromagnets

Hard drives store sensitive and confidential information that needs to be destroyed when your computer is replaced. You can simply store your hard drive with your personal items or dispose of it with a hammer to make it nonfunctional. Both methods have their limitations. Cleaning a hard drive with p

Microprocessor Rating

Microprocessors are rated based on a variety of factors. These factors are designed to assess the processor's speed and how much data it can transfer. Speed ratings for microprocessors are measured in gigahertz or megahertz while the amount of data they can transfer is measured in kilobytes or megab

Ink Toner Cartridges Services

With the increase in printing needs all over the world, manufacturers of ink toners and cartridges are hard pressed to meet the ever-increasing demand. Consumer satisfaction ranks highest in the quest to fulfill company priorities.