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How to Disable a McAfee Virus Scan Download

Occasionally, McAfee Virus Scan will use your Internet connection to download updates. These updates relate to either the program itself or to the virus definitions it uses to protect your computer. If you don't want McAfee Virus Scan to be able to make these downloads automatically--which uses up s

OledlgDll Error Fix Tool

Oledlg.dll is a dynamic linking library file which contains core OLE functions and more specific to common dialogue boxes. Due to several reasons your Windows can suffer from Oledlg.dll...


AdwarePunisher is classified as a rogue scanner, a category of scam software sometimes referred to as scareware. Rogue scanners masquerade as antivirus, antivirus, or other security software, claiming the user's system is infected in order to trick them into paying for a full version.

How to Remove Surveillance Software

Surveillance software is a form of malware that gathers information about the infected computer. For example, a keylogger is a malicious surveillance program that records any keyboard strokes and online activity. Surveillance software can have a detrimental effect on an infected computer's security

Backup My Data - What, Me Worry?

Your data takes years to accumulate and you are a latte spill or theft away from losing it. Backing up your data is of course the wise thing to do but very few do it because of the hassle. In this article, I am going to give you a clear rationale for backup and a strategy for making it happen.

Data Archiving Solutions

Many organizations and individuals can benefit from archiving their data. This allows them to have more room for relevant data.

Coverting ost to pst

The MS server, along with the exchange server offers the user a great environment for corporate communication.

What Makes Smart Cards So Special?

Theft of identity is the heinous crime and is mostly attacked by the hackers who dream of becoming millionaires in one night. Smart ID cards are, hence, really important for an organization so as to ...

How to Uninstall Antivirus Programs

Antivirus programs provide comprehensive protection from malware infections that can drastically impact your computer's performance and your security. Uninstall an antivirus program before you upgrade to a different antivirus product as some antivirus programs interfere with each other. If you no l

Book Review: Incident Response

Book review of Incident Response: Computer Forensics Toolkit by Douglas Schweitzer from your About.com Guide for Internet / Network Security, Tony Bradley

Symantec Advises Disabling pcAnywhere Software

The symantec computer security company has recently advised users of its "pcAnywhere" remote computer control software to disable the software amid concerns of a security breach. Hackers may have gained access to old source code that is still used in some instances of the software, meaning

Is The Threat of Cyber War Only a Scare Tactic?

Is the threat of cyber war or the proverbial "Cyber Pearl Harbor" or "Cyber 911" a justified fear? After all, Y2K turned out to be a dud, didn't it? Of course if you are an IT Defense Contractor it makes sense to use fear and lobbying to serve your will; that makes perfect s

Using RegTooL To Clean Your Registry

RegTooL has been one of the greatest registry solutions on the Internet. Discover how to use RegTooL to clean your registry problem from this article now.

How to Disable the Norton Internet Security Subscription Renewal Message

Longtime users of the Norton Internet Security computer protection software are no doubt familiar with its renewal message. As the hours tick closer to the moment when your subscription will expire, the program will start to alert you in the form of an onscreen dialog box. While there is no way to p

How to Restore Norton After a Virus

Norton AntiVirus is one of the most well-known and commonly used antivirus programs in the world. Norton is released by Symantec, and it comes out with an updated Norton security program every year. While Norton is effective in catching and deleting viruses, no program is fool-proof. Norton can be d

How to Install IE Antivirus Software

With the Internet growing on a daily basis, it is becoming easier for a computer to become infected with a virus. To combat this problem, there are antivirus programs ready to be downloaded and used against web threats. These are a few of the most popular Internet Explorer anti-virus programs and h

Computer service business plan set for a good deal

Having a fantastic career in terms of the fanatic you are will emerge you as a successful person like if you are a computer crazy person then handling the aspects or the computer related things will b