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Followup is Crucial For Franchise Advertising and Lead Generation

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Franchise marketing and advertising campaigns are not the same as any other campaigns for consumer goods or services.
A franchise offer is selling a concept or an idea, which is not a tangible product or service.
Therefore, it needs a different approach to advertise for a franchise opportunity, and there is a need to engage with the potential respondents closely.
  The franchise opportunity is usually complex with a lot of details that need to be explained to the potential associates regarding the business.
The information about the franchise opportunity must also be supplemented with detailed facts and figures about the sales and profitability prospects of the business, the marketing and operational support systems available with the franchiser, the existing status of the business and franchise network, the brand value and goodwill of the business in the marketplace, the future plans of the business, and so on.
  All such information is not possible to deliver to the prospective associates through the initial ads itself.
The people who respond to the initial ads, ought to be followed-up carefully and provided with all information and facts.
The more the transparency in your approach, the easier it becomes to convince the respondents about the validity and worth of your business opportunity.
  The franchise ads should preferably lead the target audience to seek more information from the advertiser by way of contacting the advertiser, or visiting his informative website, or filling up an online form asking for more details from the advertiser.
It is most critical for the franchiser to follow-up the short-list of respondents who have shown a keen interest in knowing more about the opportunity.
  The follow-up can be in the form of written communication, oral discussion over the telephone or Internet, or personal meeting.
Personal meetings are usually the most effective way to communicate because it gives you ample opportunity to convey all that you wish to convey to your potential future partners and it is easier to make others believe in you when they meet you in person.
  Essentially, the franchiser advertises in order to generate new leads for his business.
Once a few leads have been generated, the franchiser must work on those leads and generate further leads in the process.
Connections can be established through the initial leads, and many a time a potential associate can recommend similar other potential candidates, or involve more people into the proposal.
  Therefore, systematic and sustained follow-up of leads plays a crucial role in franchise business promotion.
The target market cannot be convinced in such for such an offer just by the means of advertising.
It takes great salesmanship and convincing on part of the franchiser to motivate people to join his franchise network.
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