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Ways to Paint a Baby Nursery

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    • A traditional room is painted one solid color over four walls, and white is painted on the trim. This type of design is timeless and will last many, many years, through your baby's childhood. Although some may call this style conservative, most people prefer this paint method simply because it's the norm. Usually this style won't affect the resale value of the home, and it's flexible enough that the room can change roles and the paint will still look right.


    • Cute little stencils, painted in a row along the top of the walls or through the middle of the walls, add an element of charm that clearly indicates the purpose of the room as a baby nursery. Stencils shaped like ducks, gold fish, umbrellas, suns, clouds, shoes, palm trees, houses, puppies and rainbows are all perfect for a nursery, and that's not even grazing the surface of the possibilities. If you're creative, you can also create your own stencils. Finally, word stencils arranged to quote poetry and nursery rhymes are also common.


    • Painting a pattern on a wall can be a big commitment. Floor to ceiling stripes, for example, are inescapable once they're up there. If you wish to see a pattern on a wall like stripes, polka dots or checkerboard, try confining the pattern to a single band around the wall as you would for a stencil. Then, if you're happy with the results but you still want to see more, the pattern can be expanded.


    • Murals are the most complicated way to decorate a room, and it is a risk. After all the time and effort it will take to plan and to paint the mural, you want it to look just right. By keeping the mural simple and limiting the design to geometrical shapes, you're more likely to be happy with the results. If you have your heart set on painting a mural depicting a complex illustration from a book or a movie, project the image onto the wall with a projector. Trace the outline, then fill in the lines.

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