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How to Remove Seized Exhaust Bolts

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    • 1). Apply penetrating lubricant onto the nut and bolt that are seized up. You will need to leave it on for a minimum of several hours; overnight is ideal. Use a rubber mallet to tap the bolt and help work the lubricant into the threads.

    • 2). Use a tight-fitting wrench and try to leverage the bolt. Increase your leverage by extending the handle of the wrench with a piece of piping. You can also try an impact wrench to force the bolt loose.

    • 3). Apply heat if the lubricant and leverage aren't working. Wipe off any extra lubricant as it can be flammable. Use a torch to heat the bolt directly, but be careful not to burn the underside of your car or get too close to the gas tank.

    • 4). Cut the bolt as a last resort. There are several hand-held tools that will accommodate the tight space. Try cutting through the nut first then hammer the bolt out.

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