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How to Find a Great Hairdresser

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Finding a hairdresser in a new place like Berwick is sometimes really hard. You don't know what you will and having a different hairdresser do your hair that you don't know can be very scary.

It's like. Oh no not again..... Sitting in the chair at the hairdressers and thinking to yourself, ' Am I doing the right thing?' Do the people here look happy and confident in the result of their haircut? You look around and see what they are saying and how the clients are being treated. You listen to what they are saying, and how they are treating their clients, lets face it we all have the same questions and insecurities. We just don't say.... it. You wait for the answers and the way the hairdresser answers them and if you feel they are good enough you go through with it yourself.

I have been in a Hair salon were I didn't like how they treated people and how they talked to people and I have walked out, but that only happened once.

Well then you're left with the results and you let out your breath or take one and you mostly think what a great haircut, but sometime they aren't so great... we'll just say I never went back. Really it doesn't matter how good they treat you or how many coffees you get, it just doesn't make up for not having your hair done right.

You may find as i have over the years of moving a lot that asking the local people were they get their hair done is an excellent idea. You would still have to go in and have a chat to the hairdresser to get the feeling that they knew what to do with your hair. If it didn't feel that they understood me I would then take in a picture of the hairstyle I would want. I still had to be careful as I found that I had to make sure the person in the picture had the same kind of hair as I did, just make sure it turned out the same. I was learning very early on that this was a big learning curve for me as my expectations were so different then real life. I think I spent a good lot of time dreaming the impossible dream of having lovely full bodied hair that bounced. Then only to be told that my hair was fine but limp..... I found this so disappointing...

Then when I found a hairdresser I could trust I would say to them 'You know how I like my hair. Surprise me!!' ' I would let them go and they would off been probably the best haircuts I had. I did have one very good hairdresser in Queensland. She was amazing it was just her and her daughters, but they would go and learn new techniques all the time and it payed off for them. I was never disappointed.

After I learnt the secret to finding a good hairdresser I would stick to them like glue. Until I had to move to the next part of my life and that was usually a new town. So to help people in finding that elusive hairdresser I have put together some sites that are local hairdressers in local suburbs' around Melbourne Australia one of these sites is [http://www.hairdressersinberwick.com] come and take a look for your self.

Suzanne Johnson
SNAP Websites

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