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The Best Automotive Promotional Items

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    • You have two options when it comes to using screen-printed t-shirts as a promotional item. Do you spring for good-quality shirts that your customers are likely to wear over the long term, or do you buy cheaper t-shirts that may only be worn once before they're ready for the rag box? The answer is plain to see: Purchase attractive shirts for your promotion that will be regularly worn by customers. For high-end customers purchasing luxury or sports cars, consider using embroidered polo shirts.


    • Toys have been used for automotive promotional items for decades. In the early years of the last century, every time a vehicle was purchased, the kids in the family got a little model car of the new family car. These are so well remembered that they're sought-after collector's items today. Many cars are available, and you can line them up on a shelf in your showroom. When the kids see them, they'll want one, and you can let them know if their parents purchase a vehicle, one of those cars is theirs. Adult purchasers of high-end sports cars may respond favorably to getting a replica for their desk.


    • A traditional automotive promotional item, hats tend to be worn for years, regardless of the message on them, because it seems so wasteful to throw out a perfectly good hat. Additionally, even if the hat ends up in a donation box, its final destination will still be someone's head. Have the name of your dealership silkscreened or embroidered onto the hat in such a way that recipients won't be averse to wearing it wherever they go. This means using coordinating, low-key colors to send your message.

    Sun Shades

    • Sun shades are another promotional item that are often used and rarely thrown away even after years of use. Have both sides of the sun shade printed with the name of your dealership or your message, and throw it in for free with every vehicle purchase. The sun shade will get plenty of use during the summer months, traditionally the biggest car sales months of the year.

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