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Quick Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

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It is not uncommon for men to experience a sexual dysfunction at one point in their lives.
A sexual dysfunction is defined as a condition that prevents a man or a couple from enjoying the sexual act due to a physical, emotional or mental cause.
Research suggests that about 30% of men all over the world suffer from various types of sexual dysfunction, the most common of which is premature ejaculation (PE).
Premature ejaculation is a condition that refers to ejaculation prior to or soon after sexual penetration.
If a man comes before he desires or before his partner has achieved an orgasm, and this happens quite frequently, it may be a sign that he is suffering from this condition.
Usually, the early sexual release comes from emotional or psychological factors, oftentimes brought about by feelings of anxiety, nervousness on how to satisfy his partner or even low self esteem.
Many other factors can cause premature ejaculation such as work or financial related stress, guilt, fear of getting pregnant or even fear of getting caught! There are also some biological factors that can cause PE, such as inflammation or infection of the prostate, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance and genetic abnormalities.
Whatever the cause maybe, PE is not a totally hopeless condition - 80% of cases reported can be cured with therapy.
PE is a serious condition, and should not be taken lightly.
It can make a man feel "less of a man" and cause him frustration while his partner may feel discontented or deprived.
Sexual dissatisfaction among married couples is one of the top 5 causes of divorce.
If a couple can not openly discuss sexual dysfunctions, this may create tension in the relationship that can easily affect other parts of their lives as well.
If you are suffering from this condition, here are three methods you may consider: 1.
Learn relaxation techniques.
Since most case of PE are brought about by anxieties before or during intercourse, you and your partner may benefit by practicing relaxation techniques prior to the act itself.
You can start deep breathing exercises that can calm the nerves.
You can do mental imagery where you imagine achieving serenity and a level of satisfaction shared with your partner.
Try the "pause and squeeze", as prescribed by the sex experts Masters and Johnson.
This technique requires a man (or his partner) to temporarily interrupt his sexual arousal by squeezing the shaft of his penis between his thumb and two fingers.
He will then apply gentle pressure to the penis, which controls his ejaculation.
With constant practice, he may learn to control ejaculation even without going through the squeeze.
Strengthen your pubococcygeal muscles (PC muscles).
  By using Kegel exercises, you can tone your PC muscles which will produce a firmer erection due to an improved blood supply.
The PC muscles are the same muscles used when we try to hold urine.
By contracting these muscles on a regular basis, say in a cycle of 10 counts three to four times a day, the muscles can become firmer and stronger.
There are other therapeutic methods that one can use to cure PE, however, the best solution is an open discussion with your partner or your medical specialist regarding this condition.
A supportive partner is worth so much more than expensive pills or creams or even a visit to a psychologist.
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