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Stress Management; Get back to nature to find your inner peace

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Getting back into the garden is a great way of spending a few minutes connecting back to nature - it's just as good as a meditation and if you are not a fan of sitting still doing nothing, this is ideal way for you to recharge your batteries. 

Don't worry, it doesn't involve hugging a tree (but if you want to, feel free - I've heard they like being hugged!).

Just find somewhere peaceful that you can sit for a few minutes.  If not your own garden, then a local spot in a park will be fine, but it needs to be away from all action. 

Notice how the sun feels on your skin, the colours of the leaves and flowers, the smells and sounds of nature.  Listen to the birds and switch off your mind from ALL modern life.  Make sure you can't be disturbed by your family or the telephone and don't be tempted to take your laptop outside. 

Once you have spent a few minutes reconnecting with real life (because nature is real life, not our high tech world), spend as long as you like reading a book or working if you have to.  But if you are going to work outside, keep listening to the sounds around you as a way of staying connected.  When you've finished, take a minute to appreciate the sights around you especially the trees/flowers or the sky if it's a nice day.

If you do this occasionally, I absolutely guarantee that it will recharge you.  Your energy level will feel higher than it did before you started.  Just the fresh air and being cut off from technology (and all of the toxins that go with it) is enough to replenish you for the day.

I don't do this everyday as, like most people I just don't have time, but if we have a nice clear day, I try to do this once or twice a week just for 5-15 minutes.  It really makes a difference.

Try it and see if you feel energised after spending just a few minutes appreciating nature.

An alternative option for bad weather; spend time with your pets.

If you haven't got a pet, find one! Because just sitting and stroking a friendly dog/cat/rabbit will help to literally reduce your stress levels – this has been proven by the experts and it is why the charity ‘Pets as Therapy' began.

Spending time with a dog or cat calms you down AND helps your immune system to work better, so therefore speeds up recovery after an illness or operation.
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