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    • Shop tools are used to perform many tasks when building, rebuilding, disassembling or repairing cars. They are used to repair metal, break down parts and rebuild mechanical assemblies.


    • Types of basic tools used in auto shops include socket sets, wrench sets, screwdrivers, pliers, hacksaws, chisels and files. Shops also have various larger tools, including an air compressor with a paint gun, power sanders and power wrenches.

    Specialty Tools

    • Specialty tools vary depending on the type of specialty work done by the auto shop. Common specialty tools used in a shop include torque wrenches, which tighten bolts to an exact tension to avoid broken bolts, and special drills to make custom holes.


    • An auto shop uses supplies such as towels, razor blades, steel wool and grease cleaner to clean up shop messes.


    • Workers wear safety glasses and protective clothing to prevent chemical burns and other injuries. Fire extinguishers are clearly visible and within easy reach.

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