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How to Replace Spark Plugs on 2005 Ford Focus 2.0

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    • 1). Open the hood and grab a spark-plug wire by the boot and pull it off of the top of the engine. You might need to juggle it back and forth a bit before it will come out of the top of the engine.

    • 2). Attach the socket extension to the spark-plug socket and lower it down into the plug well. Then, unbolt the spark plug using a socket wrench.

    • 3). Pull the spark plug out of the plug well and insert a new spark plug. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be careful when threading the new spark plug. Spark plugs cross-thread very easily. Once you have started the first few threads without the assistance of the socket wrench (turning the socket extension and socket by hand), you can tighten the plug down fully with a socket wrench. The spark plug should thread very easily.

    • 4). Replace the spark-plug wire.

    • 5). Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each spark plug.

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