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Clicker Dog Training - How to Do it Right

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Training in positive reinforcement is the quickest way a dog can learn.
This method is the safest and fun way to teach a dog commands.
One method is the clicker training.
A clicker is a device or a small-noisemaker made to make noise whenever an achievement is done.
Instead of saying "good job!" whenever they perform it the right way, which takes a long time, a clicker would be a best substitute.
Clicker dog training is a method that is used to catch attention to dogs to mark a behavior done that would then earn them positive reinforcement.
Usually after a clicker does the noise, a reward or a treat is given afterward.
Now to get the clicker acquainted with the dog is simple.
One method is by putting the dog in a room with you, a clicker, and a bowl of treats.
Try clicking, if the dog isn't frightened by the click which some dogs do, give him a treat.
If they are frightened by the sound then try clicking it you back or by the pocket; so long as they can hear the click sound.
Just continue doing this process, clicking sound, and then the treat.
Repeat this for at least 5-10 times and soon they'll get use to the cycle.
You'll get the feeling that you can stop, the moment you've click, the dog will instantly look up to you and start looking for the treat.
After that, your dog will have understood the procedure of what the clicker does.
For the basic obedience commands, you will have the same technique done but with every command, a unique system is done.
Like for example for sit, ready your treat and clicker.
In the first time, he will be looking for the treat.
Show the treat to him and when he sees it, try slowly moving the treat from his nose over his eyes.
Most dogs will quickly sit so they can reach the food.
And when they do, immediately click and give a treat.
Repeat this until they get the idea and when they do, try saying the word sit while you are doing the procedure.
The same goes for other commands but with different schemes of luring the dog with the treat.
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