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4 Powerful Benefits For Local Businesses

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Perhaps we should first begin by defining the difference between local mobile marketing and local mobile advertising.
Local mobile marketingtakes place when you communicate and deliver value to customers and potential customers through the mobile channel.
Local mobile advertising is the process of placing your marketing message or call to action within one or more of the available mobile advertising channels.
A subtle difference you say? Perhaps, and I don't want to belabor the difference so let me just leave you with this distinction.
When you are interrupting a mobile device users daily routine with your marketing message, you are using mobile advertising.
Once they are interrupted and you begin to engage them, educate them and exchange value with them you are using mobile marketing.
Benefit Number One - Numbers, Very Big Numbers Roughly 75% of the US population already has a mobile phone.
Roughly 55,000,000 already have smart phones.
According to a recent report by Morgan Stanley, by 2013 more people will be accessing the Internet with smartphones and mobile devices than with wired Internet connections.
Benefit Number Two - It's Always with Them Quick, what are the three things that every person always has with them? If you guessed their wallet, keys and mobile phone you would be correct! Unlike magazines, newspapers, radio and even the wired Internet, mobile advertising and marketing always has an audience.
Now lest you think that this whole mobile thing is completely one-sided, your potential customers (people just like you and me) benefit by having information at their fingertips and immediate access to knowledge, research and reviews.
Benefit Number Three - Multiple Modes In One Little Package That smart phone that is always with your customers can help you deliver your message in more ways than you likely ever thought possible.
Text messaging, paid search advertising, organic search advertising, mobile display ads, click to call ads, app advertising, click to map advertising and proximity advertising are all possible because of smartphone technology.
Benefit Number Four- Your Competitors Don't Get It...
The fact that you're reading this article puts you ahead of 95% of your competition at the moment.
Now this won't last forever but as an early adopter you have the opportunity to literally grab market share like you never have before.
A Tale of Three Competitors Consider this scenario.
You have a well developed mobile advertising and marketing system in place surrounding your service, say landscaping.
A potential customer, Mary, has left the office and is now sitting on the sideline of her son's baseball game.
During the seventh inning stretch she conducts some quick research on landscape design and notices your $500 coupon advertisement.
She clicks on the ad and is immediately connected to one of your staff who books an appointment, then refers Mary to a helpful article on your website that addresses just the type of design information she looking for.
Within the week you have the sale.
Now consider your competitor, Bob.
Bob has a decent website, but it is not designed to educate and sell, doesn't show up on Page One of the search results and is difficult to navigate from a desktop let alone from a smartphone.
And, since Bob doesn't have a mobile marketing and advertising plan, Mary doesn't even know he exists because her selection has been made without her ever returning to home.
Finally, consider your competitor Bill.
Bill doesn't even have a website because he has always relied on the yellow pages and word-of-mouth.
Bill's business is very much at risk of going out of business.
The new mobile economy is passing him by the same way the Internet economy passed him by.
Bad for Bill, good for you.
Are these three scenarios far-fetched? Absolutely not.
In fact you probably know competitors with attributes from all three scenarios.
The thing is, with the right help you could be landing new clients and customers through the mobile world before your competition ever has a chance to speak with them!
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