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Time To Say Yes!

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How often do you say "No" to things? Truly? How many times have people invited you to do something or go somewhere and you have turned them down? "No" seems to be the go-to answer for most people nowadays.
I recently realized that I have ended up in a bit of a rut.
Friends or family would ask me to do things and I would not go.
Not because I had other plans but because I just did not feel like it.
In fact, at least for me, there have been times when I find myself saying "No" in my mind before I have even finished hearing a person out.
Our lives are so rushed with family, work, and other obligations that our subconscious mind wants to protect us from more exhaustion and says "No" before we really give the situation any thought.
It's okay to not say "Yes" to every invitation.
And it's okay to listen to your inner self when something is telling you that you do not feel like doing something.
However, everything must be done in moderation.
And if you want to grow, it's important to push yourself outside your comfort zone on a regular basis.
And I had not been doing that.
I had gotten too comfortable in my same old routine.
I had gotten lazy.
I had gotten stuck in the "No" mindset.
So, this past weekend I got invited to a family party.
And, surprise, I did not want to go.
However, I pushed past those feelings.
I pushed myself to get dressed and join my family at this celebration.
And you know what? I had a lot of fun! I reconnected with people I had not seen in ages.
And I met some new people.
It felt great to be out of my regular routine with people I love and seeing everyone have fun.
Being outside my routine also recharged me and got me excited for the week ahead.
So, the next time you find yourself saying "No," ask yourself why you are saying it.
Do you have legitimate reasons? Or have you simply gotten too comfortable in your routine? If you just "don't feel like it," push past that.
Take the invitation.
Take the opportunity.
Take the chance.
You never know who you will meet, where you may end up, or what creativity might be stimulated inside you.
Go ahead, say "Yes"! PowerTools™ 1) This week, do not say "No" to any invitation, unless you have other plans.
This is a "Yes" week! 2) After each event or invitation that you take this week, analyze it a bit.
What positives came out of it? What would you have missed had you said "No"? 3) Whenever you "don't feel like" doing something, take a moment to figure out where that feeling is coming from.
Does it have merit? Have you been working really hard lately, etc.
? Or are you just too comfortable and don't want to push yourself out of your comfort zone? If that's the case, then it's the perfect time for growth and to say "Yes.
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