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Can I Learn a Foreign Language?

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Can I learn a foreign language? If you are asking yourself this question, read on, because you are in the right place.
In this article I'm going to answer this question and tell you why some people can't learn a foreign language even if they try very hard.
Firstly, what are your priorities? Learning languages isn't about taking classes once a week.
It's about practicing regularly - every single day.
Can you make time to learn? Do you want to watch TV or become fluent in a new language? If TV is more important for you - sorry to say that, but you won't learn a language quickly.
Secondly, how badly do you want it? You need to learn regularly if you want to improve quickly, so you need to be motivated.
What is your motivation? Do you have a personal reason to learn a foreign language or do you just want to learn it because "it will look good on my CV"? People who learn languages only because they have to do it (not because they genuinely want to do it) have a very hard time learning.
And last but not least - are you an optimistic, patient and self-disciplined person? As I wrote before, you need to have a habit to practice on a daily basis.
And keep in mind that even if you practice for a few hours daily, it won't happen overnight.
Yes, you can become fluent even within a few months, but you need to be patient and build momentum by working on your skills regularly.
And don't forget that you need to be optimistic and concentrate on the positive things! That's it - the answer to your question "can I learn a foreign language".
You can, but only if you are self-disciplined, patient, optimistic and only if you really want to achieve it.
Start learning today! Good luck and have fun while learning a new language!
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