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My day generally begins with a good morning text from my best friend. I really like this gesture of hers as she makes an effort to wish me everyday as we all are so busy in our lives but she manages to send a text to me each day and wish me a good day. I got so much influenced with this gesture of hers that I started giving a call in reply to her text message. This thing continued for a week, but one day she asked me why I am making an effort to wish her by calling up each day. After the whole conversation I got to know that she was not sending the messages on a daily basis, she had an account on a website from where automated messages are sent to a selected group of people on her behalf.
I was a little surprised after knowing the whole thing but then I found that it is quite interesting as you can be in touch with all your friends and relatives without even ignoring your work. When my friend told me about the website I got so excited that I visited it and got myself registered on it. Within a few seconds, my registration was done and I started exploring. The features of this website were so unique that I l really felt like using them. I added my contacts there and now I could send any free SMS to anyone.
The website has interesting range of features like sending free messages to everyone at a single instance, creating groups of my contacts, downloading wallpapers for my laptop and mobile using whatsapp ! I could hardly find any website that gives us so many options to do all these things and that too without any cost. While exploring, I even got to know that the websites updates us with the upcoming festivals and events.
I started sending text messages to my contacts and was surprised with the quick delivery time. It was really a lot of fun using this website so much so that I added a reminder in my mobile to keep a check on my messages and contacts. However, there was no need of any reminders as I got all my notifications on my mobile phone itself.
This website has a number of options to make people connect to each other without even logging in even once. Apart from the messages, you can even look for wallpapers and pictures to send them to your contacts. I have got a very good website after such a long time which will not only help me keep in touch with my friends but also would make them feel special. I have only heard that only living organisms have the power of understanding the feelings and emotions of each other but Fullonsms is the website that understands the value of being connected to each other in much better way than humans!
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