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Necklaces and Bracelets Buying Guide

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Necklaces and bracelets, like bags, are the common accessories most women want to own.  A necklace is always the gift a girl wants to receive or buy for her if she wants to enhance her beauty and appeal. The perfect necklace can be an appropriate accessory to lighten up your face and inspire your charm. A necklace is an important jewelry that is sold in a wide variety, so it is not an easy thing to select the perfect one.  There are factors to consider when you are in the market for a necklace.  And you should start from necklace length and chains.

Many necklaces that you can find in jewelry stores are usually of the standard length.   Before you choose, you need to decide some things about the wearer, such as her personality, her style, and the shape of her face. If her face has a tapered jaw outline, the choker will mitigate the form to give a rounded shape illusion.  A choker is a kind of a necklace that's very close to the neck.  On the other hand, if the wearer has a rounded face, it will pair very well with a pendant necklace that will form a "V" underneath her jaw. This type of necklace is also ideal for those with rectangular and boxy faces.

The sales person at the store should be able to explain how different style necklaces match with wearers of different personalities and looks.  These days, necklaces can be purchased in various materials such as sterling silver or gold chains. Silver is cheaper than gold, however the elegance of gold cannot be matched by any material.

A bracelet is another jewelry item that is also available in different lengths.  These accessories are worn on occasions when you are not working with your hands, but even then, their proximity to your hands is reason for them to get banged and bumped, so it must be very durable.  Buying a bracelet is actually a wearer's choice.  There are also lots of bracelet types in the market, but the most common are the following.

1.  Chain bracelet – is a classic type, with different chain designs and different materials such as platinum, sterling silver and 18k gold.

2.  Pearl bracelet – is a piece of jewelry that is very traditional.  It can add a dressy touch to just about anything you wear – from a cocktail dress to jeans.  For more formal look you can match it with pearl necklace and pearl earrings.

3.  Bangle – is worn by itself to create a simple look; and you can combine it with a few other bangles. Their metallic shine draws the eyes and the sound of 6 or 7 bangles clinking together is pleasant to the ear.

4.  Charm bracelet – is available in sterling silver, and this is usually for keepsake.

If you are buying a necklace or bracelet as a gift,  make sure you consider the occasion. Pearlis best suited for a promotion or a graduation, while a bangle, or several of it, is good to give on a birthday.  If you want to give a personalized gift, then the chain bracelet is the one to buy.
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