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How to Replace a 4Runner Tie Rod End Adjuster Sleeve

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    • 1). Measure the distance between the leading edge of the front two tires using the tape measure. The measurement needs to be consistent, so pick a straight section of tread as reference and use that measurement.

    • 2). Unbolt the tie rod end from the spindle using the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets and the tie rod end will drop off of the vehicle.

    • 3). Measure the distance from the end of the adjuster sleeve to the end of the tie rod and note the number. You will be trying to duplicate this number later on when you install the new sleeve.

    • 4). Remove the tie rod from the adjuster sleeve by holding an open-end wrench on the sleeve and use another to turn off the tie rod end.

    • 5). Take off the adjuster sleeve using the open-end wrench.

    • 6). Twist the new adjuster sleeve onto the steering linkage using the open-end wrench.

    • 7). Twist the tie rod end into the adjuster sleeve using the open-end wrench. Refer to your previous measurement and try to match that number as close as possible.

    • 8). Mount the tie rod into the spindle using the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets.

    • 9). Measure the tires again, in the same manner as before. If the number is larger, you need to turn in your tie rod end another turn or two until it matches. If it's too low, then it needs to be moved out.

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