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How to Charge Circuits for Ultra Capacitors

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    • 1). Connect the black (negative) lead of a solar cell to the cathode (negative) lead of an ultracapacitor.

    • 2). Connect the red (positive) lead of a solar cell to the anode (positive) lead of the ultracapacitor.

    • 3). Expose the solar cell/ultracapacitor assemblage under direct sunlight for three minutes. The ultracapacitor is now fully charged.

    • 4). Disconnect the ultracapacitor from the solar cell. Do not touch both ultracapacitor leads at the same time or allow them to touch each other. Doing so will cause the ultracapacitor to discharge.

    • 5). Connect the positive and negative leads of the ultracapacitor to the positive and negative leads of a toy electric motor. The motor will spin for several minutes until the ultracapacitor is depleted of charge. Reconnect the ultracapacitor to the solar cell to recharge.

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