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7 Most Important Things Men Want From a Woman! Here is What Every Woman Needs to Know Now

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So many females are searching for the exact answer to the endless demands of a man.
Nothing seems to make them satisfied and settle longer in a relationship.
In spite of the many sacrifices that women do to please their men, they still end up left alone at one corner of the room, thinking what went wrong.
Actually, it's not because they made the wrong move or they uttered the wrong words to change his decision and make him stay.
She just hasn't discovered what a man really wants from a woman.
This article will help her realize what particular aspects she failed to give.
Unconditional Love What keeps a man from getting into a relationship is the fear of not being able to return what she gives.
Men will always avoid any chance of feeling guilty.
So, when a woman expresses love, she should make sure that she isn't waiting for the perfect response.
Men will only give his best to someone who deserves it.
Laugh with him and cry with him.
She should be his angel and counselor.
She should listen to his problems and limit her words.
When everyone else makes him feel like he's the worst, she should make him feel that he's the best.
Friendship Why can some people stay happy even if they are single? It is because of the friendship they have with the people who care about him.
She should not just be a lover but also a friend who will support him through thick and thin, with or without pay back.
When men choose between a friend and a girlfriend, they choose the former because the latter sometimes stays for her own advantage.
Being a friend means loving without measuring.
Inspiration A life without inspiration lacks motivation and determination.
If a girl can serve as a man's inspiration, then the man will always give his best foot forward to her and to the relationship.
She can do this by being an achiever herself, who is ready to face whatever life may bring.
Strength Men just show tough outward appearance because it is the society's standard.
They rarely pour out their feelings but it doesn't make them numb.
They also have weakness in them that they find difficult to show.
A woman who can detect when her man is emotionally down and can charge his battery again is lucky to win a future husband.
Someone who could give him advice and tell him everything will turn out fine if he believes in himself, is the kind of woman everyman would fall for.
Direction It is always risky to tell a man the right thing to do or even manipulate him into doing the best thing because he can't keep his thoughts fixed.
Simple pieces of advice while telling him he's right can make him trust a woman's words because he knows that she is only giving him concern.
Excitement A woman should keep a man always excited to see her and be with her.
This can only happen if the woman can give him an environment of love and fun.
Her moves and grace can also get him in touch with his wild side.
A woman shouldn't sink into insecurities and frustration for failing to make her man stay.
Now that she is finally equipped with the knowledge to make her man head over heels in love with her, nothing can go wrong.
Good luck and stay happy!
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