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Why become a Virtual Assistant?

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If you want to live the life you have been dreaming of, then you should think about becoming a virtual assistant.

You could be a favourite employee of your company as your work makes your boss look good and feel better and that has made you a valuable, trustworthy office assistant or administrator of your company. Surely you would love to be at home with your wife and kids and also you must have dreamt of living on a hill station or beach side, but this is possible only if you produce a handsome income and that income can be earned only if you'd rather work for yourself and be in charge of your own time - by becoming a Virtual Assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you provide the service to the independent professionals and small businessmen to save their money on appointing a full-time secretary or office manager. In fact you would be the one playing the role of secretary and office manager by doing their work of meeting and travel planning, project managing, and logistics coordinating and other secretarial work.

The best part of the work of Virtual Assistant is you can work on your own flexibility. You can set you own timings or you may work on "on call" basis depending on the needs of both you and your clients who may be located within your city or far in the other continent. You could be in touch with them through email, phone, fax or IM. As a Virtual assistant, you could earn up to $45 per hour or even more. So these features of virtual assistant work has attracted many people to become a Virtual Assistant.

About Author: I'm your host-Ankur Patel-your outsourcing partner based in India. For my day job, I run Infotrex Services(Managing Information 4 U) - http://www.infotrex.com and work with a small team of smart developers for supporting clients based in USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Ireland, Australia etc. We help all clients to succeed in their online business by SEO(Internet marketing), online support & intelligent Web application solutions.
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