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Forgive and Stay Healthy and Happy

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To forgive people who did you wrong, is a very emotional and painstaking process.
But on the other hand keeping a grudge can be devastating.
It can can make you ill.
Many people do not know how to get rid of these unhealthy feelings and thinking.
To forgive someone his wrongdoing towards you, is not only for that persons benefit, but also especially for your own.
To live a life full of grudges, keep you unhappy, unsuccessful, alone and unhealthy.
Do you want to get rid of these emotions? Some people will even tell you that it is unfair to suggest forgiveness towards someone.
Is it really about that person? Lets look at a few scenarios: 1.
Murderers and rapists: Do they deserve forgiveness? Let me surprise you.
Most of them don't want your forgiveness.
Thieves: They steal to survive, and some think they just take what belongs to them.
Do they want to be forgiven? May be when they get caught, and they don't want to be punished.
The wrong words and deeds your parents spoke and did to you: Many parents don't realize their wrongdoing.
They just copy what they learned from their parents.
Your unfaithful spouse: Ouch! That's a difficult one.
The bottom line is, it does not matter what had happened in the past.
The question is what are you going to do today, to have a better future? Do you want to stay in the past for many years, living the events over and over in your mind? Do you want to plan revenges, and curse the enemy? Be careful, every word you speak and every thought you think has a direct influence on your own life.
Here on earth it is for some of us very difficult to forgive.
We are not complete and we live in the flesh.
Don't feel bad if you can't forgive.
The most important action is that you are willing to do so.
It will stay there until you realize that you need help.
May be you forgive today, and tomorrow the same feelings and thinking are back again.
What now? Forgiveness comes from the Spirit, and the Spirit helps you to change your thinking.
It does not always happen in one moment or day.
It may take a long time.
It all depends on how intoxicated you are with hatred.
To get rid of all my grudges took me nine months and lots and lots of prayers.
How did it happen? I did not do my enemy any physical harm.
I spoke and thought revenge over them until one day; I realized that all these things I believe for my enemy, happen to my family and me as well.
What a shock! Being a Christian and studying the Bible, I had all the information to live according to Gods will.
I never realized the importance of speaking, asking and following the rules in the Bible.
I went back to God and Jesus Christ.
I began to speak forgiveness.
Sometimes I said: Jesus I want to forgive so and so, but I can't.
Please help me to forgive.
My mind and my heart was like a dustbin full of unhealthy stinking thoughts.
The Spirit helped me.
One by one we tackled every grudge, and today I can testify That God helped me to forgive.
I still know what had happened, but I have peace.
May these words help you in your pain? Remember life and death lies in your tongue.
May God bless you!
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