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How to Replace Halogen Headlights in a 2003 BMW 745i

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    • 1). Open the hood and let the headlights and engine cool for a minimum of 10 minutes.

    • 2). Push down on the tab at the top of the high beam bulb cover, which is the large black cover attached to the back of the headlight assembly. Pull the cover away from the headlight, by hand.

    • 3). Unplug the electrical socket from the base of the bulb. Grasp the headlight bulb base and turn it counterclockwise one-quarter of a turn, then pull the bulb out from the headlight assembly.

    • 4). Insert a new 55 watt H7 headlight bulb into the headlight, then turn the bulb clockwise one-quarter of a turn to lock it into place. Push the electrical socket onto the prongs at the base of the headlight bulb.

    • 5). Push the lower portion of the high beam bulb cover onto the headlight assembly. Slip the upper tab into headlight, then push the cover forward until the tab snaps into place.

    • 6). Turn on the car's headlights and cycle between high and low beam. Check that the bulb and the electrical socket are connected securely, if the high beam does not illuminate. Lower the hood and turn off the headlights once you have verified that the high beam is operating.

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