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Recipe For Boric Acid Dog Ear Wash

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    • A simple home recipe for boric acid dog ear wash requires 16 oz. of witch hazel, 16 drops of gentian blue and 4 tbsp. of boric acid. Simply shake the ingredients together and apply to the inner ear of your dog. Another formula for ear wash you may use: 4 oz. of rubbing alcohol, 2 tbsp. of boric acid and 1 tbsp. of glycerin. Again, mix the ingredients together and apply to the dog's inner ear. The solution kills germs, heals most irritation and repels bacteria and yeast for further prevention.

      One thing to note about the second recipe: Because it does use alcohol, it could hurt the dog. If the dog has open wounds or scratches in its ears or anywhere the wash might penetrate, there is a strong possibility of stinging. Also, neither recipe for boric ear wash contains hydrogen peroxide; veterinarians advise against using it because it can destroy healthy ear tissue. Be careful of what you are putting in your dog's ears, and always listen to your veterinarian's advice.


    • Be careful when applying boric ear wash to the dog's ears. If you've mixed either recipe's ingredients together in a spray bottle, for example, do not spray the wash directly into the dog's ears. These are very sensitive instruments that must be treated with care. Soak a cotton ball in the wash, and then let the excess drip off before applying it to the ear. Swab the overall area of the ear, making sure to get most cracks and crevices. Before letting your dog shake the excess liquid out (which it will do), rub its ears for a moment to allows the wash to penetrate and clean. After the dog shakes out the liquid, go over the ear one more time, paying particular attention to the narrow, small crevices you didn't get the first time. Again, let the wash settle before allowing the dog to shake it out.

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