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Who"s Your Dating Alter Ego?

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The desire to impress a woman on a date can bring out the actor in all of us.
Whether we take on the suave refinement of the Nescafe man or prefer to see ourselves more as a strong and silent type like Mr Darcy, everyone has their own special dating alter ego.
Which one are you? Clean-cut thrill seeker: James Bond Do you always have the latest gadgets to hand in any situation? Do you come across as demure, but have a different side to your life, which takes you to dangerous but consistently stylish places all over the world? As James Bond man, you may shy away from commitment, but you know that your charms will not be lost on the fairer sex as you leave a trail of stunning and contented women in your dating wake.
Hunky Himbo: Ronaldo man If you prepare for a date with a stint at the gym, followed by an impeccable grooming regimen including barrels of fake tan and perhaps even a little man-makeup, you're Ronaldo man.
While some people might describe you as superficial, don't despair - any woman would be thrilled to be dating a trophy man like you.
Man-next-door: Nescafe Gold Blend man There's a reason why Antony Head shot to fame in the late 1980s as Nescafe man - women love that guy.
If you resemble the archetypal man-next-door, whose conventional exterior barely disguises a passionate and sensual spirit, as Nescafe Gold Blend man you will have instant appeal as the thinking woman's dating crumpet.
Rugged man's man: Gladiator man Grrr.
If you can kill a wild boar with your bare hands and eat it in one sitting, if you don't know the meaning of the word metrosexual, and don't want to, you're Gladiator man.
You may be a bit rough around the edges, but secretly the ladies still love to be swept off their feet by dating a bona fide macho man like you.
Stiff & Starchy: Pride & Prejudice man (Mr Darcy) You might prefer not to open up at first, but when you fall for a woman, it's for real.
As Pride and Prejudice man, you can come across as a little cold, but for the type of woman who usually has men falling over themselves to go out with her, this can be a welcome challenge.
She knows she'll be well rewarded for her efforts in the end.
No-nonsense man: Jack Bauer (from 24) If you don't suffer fools - or bad guys - gladly, but are impossibly sweet and romantic when it comes to your loved ones, you could be a Jack Bauer man.
With your workaholic nature, Dating you might sometimes be a little stressful, but your charms lie in your genuine goodness and indubitable desire to save the world.
Diet Coke Break man Are you a plumber, a window-cleaner, or a handyman? Are you oblivious to the office women who are strangely distracted from their work when you turn up to do your thing? Then you must be Diet Coke man.
Dating you is doubly exciting, because as well as enjoying your well-toned physique (from all that manual labour), your date can secretly fantasise about all the things you could fix at her house.
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