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Battery Minder Vs. Battery Tender

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    Battery Tender

    • The Battery Tender works to pump 1.25 amps through a battery to which it is connected. However, this charge is not a constant rate. The charge changes from a full load to a floating charge that fluctuates as the battery reaches full charge. The Battery Tender monitors the battery to switch off when needed.

    Battery Minder

    • The Battery Minder provides a similar benefit in keeping a battery fresh. Using three different options (charge/maintenance/conditioning), the Battery Minder can keep all versions of 12-volt batteries working. Using a high-frequency pulse, the product offsets sulfation which kills batteries when they age.


    • Motorcycle riders are not stuck with the two above products. They can always use a regular charger. However, owners need to stay on top of remembering when to charge, and overcharging can be damaging to a battery if left on too long.

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