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Ways to Clean Aquamarine Earrings

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Aquamarine, seawater colored beryl is a much loved gemstone.
Other noted members of this family are emerald, bixbite, some other less pursued varieties, like morganite and heliodor.
This is a relatively harder stone having 7.
5 to 8 Mohs' on scale.
With its dainty and adorable color range, from ethereal yet faint blue hue to a deep blue to bluish green shade.
To much favor, this stone comes quite flawless without any errors visible inside, i.
its 'eye clean'.
Mythologies say this stone passed through mermaids to humans somehow.
Aquamarine is the savior of voyages in seas as sailors think it a lucky charm to get rid of the wrath of sea god, Poseidon.
Most of the gemstone of this type is heat treated to get desired shade as per choice by buyers.
In addition, heating removes unwanted coloration like yellowish or greenish patches inside.
Therefore, deeper the blue hue, the more value it demands.
Moreover, untreated natural gemstones are expensive as compared to treated ones.
Angara has a vivid and exquisite collection of these wonder gems in form of aquamarine earrings.
Set within both yellow and white gold diamonds also play a role in enhancing its allure.
Diamond channel set or fancy shanks, studded with diamonds, are offered to customers for greater choice.
To ensure durability of such captivating jewelry, care is needed to be taken.
Save it from getting exposed to sunlight or any light as it's prone to fading.
In addition, surface of the gemstone should be kept away from notorious chemicals like perfumes, talcum powder etc.
too avoid unwanted scratches.
It is to be noted that aquamarine jewelry should always be put away from synthetic or rough textured cloths.
Only soft cotton cloth is advisable to polish any jewelry like this.
In order to clean, luke warm water is best.
Soak jewelry in water to soften the build.
With a soft brush, the shank and the prong be scrubbed and paid special attention.
After cleaning the ring rinse it, if in case of a mild soap used.
To dry the jewelry, leave it on a clean soft surface to dry.
Or else, dab it with a 100% cotton cloth or towel and dry.
Nevertheless, your aquamarine jewelry should be taken to a professional jeweler to have a thorough cleaning.
Also, any damage can be fixed too.
It can be done once every year.
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